RPB 111 : Parallel Bars

Parallel Bar is meant for physical and rehabilitative training.

The simultaneous and precise adjustment of the handrails on the two sides, which keeps them perfectly parallel by means of a single control that requires minimum effort to activate.

The remote control activates electric actuator for continuous movement, thus ensuring maximum precision and uniform adjustment. Also useful for gait training.

Height adjustment is motorized and manual rail adjustment for increasing width. Specific rehab walk paths can be created.

Can be made as per specified lengths to suit patient needs with additional cost.


  • Durable and High Stabilised Product
  • Smooth Function & Easy Operation

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension : 610 mm X 3050 mm
  • Maximum Height : 1065 mm
  • Minimum Height : 835 mm
  • Parallel Bar Slanting up to 10 Degree
  • Motors : 2 Motors
  • With Trolley

(Specifications are subjected to change for constant improvement)

Additional Requirement:

Accessories can be added with additional cost as specified bed.


  • 1 year warranty on electronic & electric parts, 3 year warranty on mechanical parts.


Tissue Holder : Adjustable to a variety of roll widths.

Lockable Wheels : For ease of movement & better stability.

Foot Switch : Additional foot switch for electric height adjustment & convenience.

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